Bringing together devices and applications in IoT

Drogue IoT gives you the platform and tools to create safe, efficient and scalable IoT solutions. From the device on up to the cloud.

Secure & scalable

Secure connectivity for a massive number of devices

Microcontroller firmware

Write safe and efficient firmware using Rust or use your existing tooling

IoT friendly cloud-side APIs

Offers your devices IoT friendly APIs on the cloud side

Ready for integration

RESTful management APIs, Apache Kafka, CloudEvents and third party providers

Manage devices and process telemetry data

Drogue Cloud is an IoT platform with a connectivity layer for forwarding telemetry data safely from devices to applications, and commands back to devices. Manage devices and their credentials using RESTful APIs and and devices. Consume sensor data and control devices in your application using MQTT, WebSockets, HTTP or Kafka.

Build safe and efficient firmware

Drogue Device is a distribution of tools and examples for building IoT-ready applications. It is built using Rust, an efficient, memory safe and thread safe programming language and Embassy, a fast and small runtime for embedded devices.

Getting started

We try to make is as easy as possible to get you started:
  • Public sandbox – A public sandbox to let you try out the cloud side services without the need to install them manually. Just sign up with your GitHub account, and try it out.
  • Buy a device – The micro:bit v2 is easy to get, and easy to use. It offers a few sensors and is supported by Rust and Drogue IoT out of the box. Just be sure to get a v2!
  • Workshops – A set of workshops, that walk you through more complex scenarios step-by-step. Different workshops focus on different aspects and technologies.
  • Meet the code – Check out the code on our GitHub organization.
  • Meet the people – Get in contact with us in our Matrix channel.

Open Source

Drogue IoT is open source, and all components are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Development is done on GitHub.

This means, that you can participate in the development process. Everyone is welcome! Contributions come in various ways, not only code.

Who uses Drogue IoT

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If your company uses Drogue IoT and want to be listed, reach out to us.