IoT for the kicks

Drogue IoT gives you the tools to create safe, efficient and scalable IoT solutions. From the device on up to the cloud.

Secure & scalable

Secure connectivity for massive number of devices

Microcontroller firmware

Write safe and efficient firmware using Rust or use your existing tooling

IoT friendly cloud-side APIs

Offers your devices IoT friendly APIs on the cloud side

Ready for integration

RESTful management APIs, Apache Kafka, CloudEvents and third party providers

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The Drogue IoT project aims to bring together data and users in an Internet of Things world.

Drogue IoT consists of components that may be used standalone or together:


Drogue Cloud

Drogue Cloud supports multiple open standard protocols for devices:

Through a multi-tenant model of applications and devices, Drogue Cloud lets you securely manage devices and their credentials.

Drogue Cloud can run wherever you want to run it, and you can own the data yourself. However, you can also choose to selectively use managed services for parts you don't want to manage yourself.

Don't take our word for it, got to and see for yourself!

Go to our documentation to get started with Drogue Cloud, or join the community on GitHub.


Drogue Device is a distribution of libraries and drivers for building embedded applications in Rust.

Go to our documentation to get started with Drogue Device, or join the community on GitHub.

Getting started

We try to make is as easy as possible to get you started:

Open source

Drogue IoT is open source, and all components are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Development is done on GitHub.

This means, that you can participate in the development process. Everyone is welcome! Contributions come in various ways, not only code.